Yes, Mistress

How To Become The Sub Every Domme Wants

Yes, Mistress: How to Become The Sub Every Domme Wants

Are you desperately craving a fulfilling femdom relationship with a dominant woman or Mistress?

Have you been searching for years to find a Mistress with little to no success?

Are you fed up with continually messaging dominant women and getting no responses?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is going to rock your femdom world! In just 5 weeks, we're going to show you how to find your dream woman and fulfil all of your wildest submissive fantasies.

About The Course

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Is Yes, Mistress for me?

This course is for submissive guys who are serious about finding a femdom relationship with a Mistress. Whether you are new to this lifestyle or you have been trying for some time to meet the right woman; if you feel that what you have been doing so far hasn’t worked for you, then this course is for you.

How Yes, Mistress works

Yes, Mistress is a 5-week course starting in July.

Each week you’ll receive a video bursting full of practical tips and useful techniques, and a challenge for you to put into practice what you’ve learned in the videos.

You’ll receive plenty of support in your weekly challenges from the Course Creators and from other guys on the course through the Slack channel chat room. You can ask questions, ask for help or feeback, and share your photos and general progress with other participants. This community support makes a huge difference in helping you make the progress you need towards your goals.

What You'll Learn

With the added huge bonus of a being part of a live community of other subs so you can share your ideas, progress, and successes. In short, everything a man needs to become the sub every domme wants.

Yes, Mistress Draws on the Highly Successful 'How to Find a Dominant Woman' Book

"I loved the book! I read this out of curiosity as a dominant woman who is often confused why so many submissive men just don't get it. We are clearly out numbered when you look at the ratio of sub men/dom women so it's not unusual to be regularly hitting the delete button when swamped with requestes from guys online and their inappropriate comments straight off the bat.

Jak sounds very well informed and experienced in understanding both sides here and has some great recommendations that guys can easily introduce to their approach to finding a dominant women. If everything in this book was applied and a guy approached me, he would definitely stand out from the rest! A must read for all you subs out there who are having no luck."
— Miss A
"This is such a cool idea! I really like how you’re focusing on what submissives want out of a relationship prior to entering one. I think it’s easy for us guys to get so excited about finding a dominant partner that we don’t always think about if it’s a good match. Being able to think about what you want (including limits) and communicating that to your partner can only help things in the long run."
— strikeandcuremyheart

About the Course Creators


Tiga is a kinky Intimacy Coach and a Sex Therapist in training.

Her work focuses on empowering individuals and couples to be emotionally and psychologically healthy in their pursuit of pleasure and fulfilment. The most important aspect of enjoying a BDSM Lifestyle is to know what you truly enjoy and how best to authentically express your desires and tastes.

With almost two decades in the Lifestyle, Tiga-Rose draws on her personal experience to support her professional practice in relation to intimacy, sex, and desire. This wealth of experience and her sensual and sexual literacy, allow her to help others navigate their own unique erotic path.

Tiga-Rose is a multi-certified coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, Body Love Coach, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Emergent Human Design specialist, and trained beekeeper. She completed her PhD in Life Coaching in 2017 with a focus on the social, psychological, and emotional benefits of play for adults.


Jak is successful entrepreneur and lifelong submissive.

'In my 20s, I finally dated a dominant woman who was able to fulfil my needs but riddled with self-esteem issues; I couldn't accept myself as a submissive. I didn’t embrace my desires and I was ashamed, embarrassed and apologetic. My issues put a strain on the relationship, which quickly failed and I learned a hard lesson: If I wanted a happy and fulfilling relationship, I had to accept my fetishes and stop seeking approval and reassurance from women.'

Recognising that a lot of submissive men have similar problems, he set up The Femdomist to help men develop sexual confidence. Jak's mission is helping submissive guys all over the world to find the women of their dreams.

"I love how Tiga-Rose is so passionate about her work and will give a clear answer to questions that you have. I love her approachability and the way she puts herself out there to inspire and teach others about sex."
— Michele P, Holland.

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