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About the Book

Are you desperately craving a fulfilling femdom relationship with a dominant woman or Mistress?

Have you been searching for years to find a Mistress with little to no success?

Are you fed up with continually messaging dominant women and getting no responses?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is going to become your new femdom dating bible. I’m going to show you how to find your dream woman and fulfil all of your wildest submissive fantasies.

This book is for submissive guys who are serious about finding a femdom relationship with a Mistress. Whether you are new to this lifestyle or you have been trying for some time to meet the right woman; if you feel that what you have been doing so far hasn’t worked for you, then this book is for you.

What You'll Learn

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About the Author

Growing up was a struggle; being "different" and not participating in the common sexual endeavours that my friends found so much enjoyment with. My early relationships failed because of my unusual sexual interests; despite the best efforts of my vanilla girlfriends, they just couldn’t accept my desire to be dominated. I ended up feeling alone, ashamed and hopeless about ever finding a woman with similar interests.

In my 20s, I finally dated a dominant woman who was able to fulfil my needs but riddled with self-esteem issues; I couldn't accept myself as a submissive. Playtime was awkward, I didn’t embrace my desires, and I was ashamed, embarrassed and apologetic. My issues put a strain on the relationship, which quickly failed and I learned a hard lesson: If I wanted a happy and fulfilling relationship, I had to accept my fetishes and stop seeking approval and reassurance from women.

For the next year, I worked hard on myself and interacted with a lot of women and became open about my love for female domination. I push myself outside my comfort zone and resolved my self-esteem and confidence issues using the techniques I'm going to share with you.

I recognised that a lot of submissive men have similar problems and I set up The Femdomist to mentor men on how to develop sexual confidence. This book helps me to fulfil my mission of helping submissive guys all over the world to find the women of their dreams.

I’m going to share everything I’ve learned about finding and dating dominant women based on fifteen years of failed and successful relationships. If you’re questioning if what I’m about to show you will work – I now have an incredibly fulfilling kinky life, packed with experiences and incredible sex without any shame, guilt or self-confidence issues.

I’m in a long-term relationship with an incredibly beautiful, dominant woman who shares my love for femdom and who fulfils all of my fantasies and desires. I’m so comfortable with my sexuality that I share it with my friends; sometimes I even bring them to fetish clubs with me!

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